Our Approach

T4F has pioneered an innovative Approach to assist thousands of farmers to gain access to tree seedlings, and information on their best management, whilst also helping them to access technologies to improve food security.

The Approach has the following Components:

T4F works with farmers to:

  • identify preferred tree species which provide economic benefit and which are appropriate to their agro-ecological zones
  • identify and prioritise appropriate technologies to assist farmers to improve their food security and incomes, whilst they await trees to provide them with economic benefits.

T4F works with farmers to select Community Tree Advisors (CTAs) in their Villages. CTAs are generally hard-working farmers who trusted and respected by farmers in their Villages. They must also have a passion for tree planting and for improving the environment of their Communities

T4F builds the capacity of CTAs to:

  • establish a nursery to supply farmers with tree seedlings, and
  • advise farmers on tree management
  • supply farmers with technologies for improving their food security
  • advise farmers on improving their food security

T4F supplies materials (seeds, potting bags, shade nets), and technical skills to enable CTAs to establish a nursery.  T4F pays CTAs for the seedlings, which are distributed to farmers for free.

In return, farmers agree to share a percentage of their trees that they plant with T4F. Upon maturity T4F sells its share of the trees to recover the costs of tree planting, and advisory services. Profits are then reinvested to extend tree planting to benefit the environment of farmers in new areas.