Trees for Farmers Ltd. (T4F) is a Company which was incorporated in Kenya in 2019.


Improved environment, food security and incomes of Kenyan small-holder farmers through cultivation of high-value tree species together with drought-tolerant crops on their farms


Empower millions of small-holder farmers to plant and effectively manage high value trees on their farms whilst improving their food security

Core values

  • Passionate about improving the environment and livelihoods of small-holder farmers
  • Meet the needs of small-holder farmers to improve their environment and food security
  • Focus on new and innovative business ideas to enable farmers to plant trees on their farms
  • Practice high ethical standards

Why we work 

Millions of small-holder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa are struggling to survive from growing crops on degraded land which is subject to soil erosion and a worsening climate. Natural tree vegetation has been cleared to produce crops, or for use as firewood.

Improved tree varieties have been developed which have the potential to assist farmers to adapt to climate change whilst improving their food and nutrition security and incomes. However, most farmers are unaware of, and do not have local access to, these varieties.

Trees For Farmers (T4F) was established to develop agroforestry systems by introducing the appropriate tree species to enable farmers to adapt to climate change, to restore degraded land, and to improve their food security and incomes in a sustainable way.

T4F has developed an innovative approach to quickly and cost-effectively help farmers gain access to high-value tree seedlings, and improved varieties of crops and livestock breeds

How we work (Approach)

T4F has pioneered an innovative Approach to assist thousands of farmers to gain access to tree seedlings, and information on their best management, whilst also helping them to access technologies to improve food security.

Farmers Needs Assessment

T4F works with farmers to:

  • identify preferred tree species which provide economic benefit and which are appropriate to their agro-ecological zones
  • identify and prioritise appropriate technologies to assist farmers to improve their food security and incomes, whilst they await trees to provide them with economic benefits.

Community Tree Advisors (CTAs)

T4F works with farmers to select Community Tree Advisors (CTAs) in their Villages. CTAs are generally hard-working farmers who are trusted and respected by farmers in their Villages. They must also have a passion for tree planting and for improving the environment of their Communities

3. Sustainable Business Model

T4F supplies materials (seeds, potting bags, shade nets), and technical skills to enable CTAs to establish a nursery.  T4F pays CTAs for the seedlings, which are distributed to farmers for free.

Our area of Coverage includes :

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